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Get to Know Your Team: Kyle Kuyat

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Kyle Kuyat, Managing Director, Practice Management & Digital Marketing, Silver Oak

Like many financial professionals, Kyle Kuyat began his career hoping to grow in a role where he could create his own opportunity and build something meaningful. After years building his network working in financial services, Kyle made the move to Silver Oak, where he plans to continue growing his career.

“I work on an experienced team that comes from a variety of backgrounds. The one-size-fits-all mentality doesn’t exist here, and people come to the table with ideas they’re excited to execute on and achieve results.” 

However, in his conversations with financial professionals, he’s found not everyone has the same experience. 

“It’s a common theme to hear financial professionals say they have switched firms multiple times, but they were never in the driver’s seat of that decision. Unfortunately, many don’t get to choose the firm they end up at.”

M&A activity in the financial advisory space has led to many financial professionals losing control of the experience they initially sought. While many professionals are entrepreneurial in nature, larger firms lack efficiency and the ability to enable financial professionals’ creativity.

“Unlike larger firms, there’s no need for musical chairs in the back office when trying to get things approved at Silver Oak. Here, financial professionals are more than just a number, and they have the ability to chase their entrepreneurial spirit as far as their creativity will allow.”