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Get To Know Your Team: Doug Baxley

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Doug Baxley, Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Silver Oak

Doug Baxley joined Silver Oak Securities after his previous mid-sized firm was acquired by a large financial advisory network. Being forced to work the way the large firm saw fit, Baxley’s prior firm lost the ability to serve financial professionals the way it had prior. 

“After the acquisition, the goal was for all acquired firms to ‘grow in the same direction.’ That goal of uniformity ultimately led to loss of culture and limited interaction with the financial professionals.” 

Limited flexibility and communication challenges were just some of the problems facing Baxley and the acquired representatives. In addition to navigating changing policies and being forced to integrate shared services, Baxley saw firms lose the ability to operate the way they wanted.

“In my work, I’m lucky to be able to speak to a number of financial professionals about their past experiences. One professional who recently joined Silver Oak uses a specific planning and analysis software. His former firm told him he couldn’t continue to use it, but Silver Oak took the time to understand this financial professionals’ existing technology stack and encouraged him to continue working in a way that best suited his business.” 

At Silver Oak, we’re creating the best of what we’ve seen from larger firms, while maintaining the personal touch and flexibility of a small firm, allowing financial professionals to do business the way they want to. 

“There’s an inherent entrepreneurial spirit that we share as a team. With the flexibility to operate how they best see fit, while having access to resources and service they expect from larger firms, financial professionals have their voices heard at Silver Oak.”